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 One Who Plays With Death

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Hinin Twilian

Hinin Twilian

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PostSubject: Re: One Who Plays With Death   Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:01 pm

He grinned a sly smile and nodded. "Well when the gods despise you, it will be only fear you feel. No amazement will enter you." With that, he let out a loud, whooping chuckle. "I do not speak of you of course it is myself I refer to, You understand this, yes?"
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PostSubject: Re: One Who Plays With Death   Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:46 pm

He nodded in agreement, "Of course I understand it, I dwell with an immortal race with endless knowledge, I am no fool." A smile crept across his face. He slid his legs outward and then bent to push himself back to his feet. Dusting the rough dirt from his clothing was an obsessive habit and afterwards he tapped his staff in the sand. "Well...I suppose I should get back to my hut?" He glanced over his shoulder in the direction he had come from. "Nothing left for me here anyways." Turning his gaze back at the scene of the destruction he placed his thumb and forefinger around his chin and pondered some oddities that just occur to him. As quickly as the thoughts had came, they went, and he returned to a normal state of mind and stared at the man.
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One Who Plays With Death
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