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 Where It All Started

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PostSubject: Where It All Started   Where It All Started I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 1:22 am

(Basically, modern day society was ended with the blast of nuclear war heads. A few years have passed and things have changed. Buildings have fallen due to explosions and earthquakes, raiders roam territories and kill any who enter, some rose to create their own military, some tried to recreate civilization and others just roam the waste land trying to survive. There are no mutants, no robots, no laser or plasma weapons and there are no special stories of miraculous people.)

Nokka was an average person that no one seemed to care for up until the day the war heads came down. He played a part in securing people in an under ground bunker called a Vault which were built all over the United States. Once the danger was gone he left and started roaming the ruins of New York. On his back was a pack of supplies including food, a bow with three arrows, a two barrel shot gun and pouches containing ammo. On his left hip was a 9mm pistol which he had taken from a law officer he found dead in the streets. "Man...maybe I should have stayed in the fuckin' vault..." He eyed some of the toppled towers with grim features lurking on his face.
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Where It All Started
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