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 Good Boy Rough Draft

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PostSubject: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:32 pm

Story of a Lonely Kid Chapter 1

Black and orange streamers hang from houses and buildings
around an old Colorado town buried deep in the state. The thrilling laughter of
children reverberate through the cool October air, all but one child who was
watering at the eyes and preparing to shed tears of pain. He was dormant in his
room doing pointless homework for a school which he was crudely branded an
outcast by immature children of the modern world. Intelligence wasn’t his gift
however he was quite the artist for his young weary age, even if he hadn’t
realized it. Quite unfortunate that his bastard of a father never gave him
praise he rightly deserved and in place of love were drunken rants and beatings
not only to the flesh but to the heart; bruises that would never heal. His
mother always stood behind corners of open doorways and cry, not lifting a
finger for the agonized misfit.

On one particular night in the run down street, usual
drunken shouting came from the house that everyone knew housed the poor boy and
through a pushed out doorway came the child with streams of tears boiling over
from the rims around his ice blue eyes. Sounds of his feet pounding against the
cement were all he could think about as he ran from the porch and wherever he
felt was safer than now. He had finally had with all the misery and just for a
little while wanted to be free from his father who was now at the threshold of
the front door. The man’s face was angry and stupid. A beer stained wife
beater; shaggy like his stubble, and torn; like his soul. Around his legs were
worn out carpenter jeans that hugged over his rough leather boots. A finger was
all he gave to the boy as he left and it was pointed in anger and directed his
hurtful words.

Ignoring the word to the extent of his ability, he
continued to run down the side walk. It actually seemed like miles before he
actually arrived somewhere. His pace slowed down somewhat as he took the time
to examine his new environment. The buildings were short town shops with grimy
alley ways between them. It now processed in his head and he easily realized
where he was. A while back he was riding in the back of his dad’s big Chevy.
Somewhere nearby was a shop nearby with people he knew, they were nice and that
was all he needed to seek them out. The store was fairly easy for him to find
because he always remembered the green lights and the large sign that had the
numbers seven and eleven. It was late and they were closing but he managed to
catch one of them and ended up getting a generous snack and beverage before the
store was locked up for the night.

Opening the bag of chips was like receiving the world’s
biggest steak at a five star restaurant. The aroma of salted potato slices was
a sense he held onto and savoring the moment was by far the highlight of his
week. He chuckled, “Ruffles”, and then munched on one of the salty treats
before twisting the cap off his plastic bottle. He loved the way the
carbonation sizzled in the form of bubbles when the pressure was released.
Taking a sip of the glorious soda made him burp as he walking around the side
of the building and hopped up on an air conditioning unit. The fan wasn’t going
which slightly disappointed him when he thought of making his shirt fluff up
from the air generated from the rotating blades.

It was a few minutes later and he was far too busy
consuming his delectable snacks while preserving the touch of the clear, cool
wind caress his skin. These sorts of things easily made him happy again and for
once in a long while, everyone was alright. Peace was his observation for that
time and he hoped it would last forever. Abruptly, his connection with the
world was cut short as the sound of trashcans a few yards to the left of him raddled.
He leaned forwards and popped a chip in his mouth, chewing it slowly to better
find what he had heard. A shadow slowly came from behind the trashcan and the
boy could see a pair of glowing orbs peering at him. The leering sent chills up
his spine and he subtly scooted away from the shadow.

Shadows slowly curled off as a muddy German Shepherd took
a few steps from his vale cast by the night. Brilliant eyes stared back at the
child and his muzzle remained silent and calm. He was tall yet fearful of others,
as explained by his posture and the tucking of his tail. A black diamond shaped
patch of fur coated his backside while covering the top half of his head. His
underside was a spectacular brown with black socks around his feet. The only
article of identification was a withered leather collar with a copper ring
looped through a steel buckle. Attached to the copper ring was a circular piece
of metal, the engraving was covered in mud and could not be made out, much like
the rest of the dog’s body.

A long silence which enticed a staring contest between
the two last for some time before the boy smiled and grabbed one of his chips,
holding it out for the dog to eat.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:33 pm

Story of a Lonely Dog Chapter 2

It was only four years ago that a couple had bred and
produced a wonderful litter of excited little creatures that barked through all
hours of the day. They spent a vast majority of their time chasing each other
across the yard held by chain linked fences and a beautiful red brick house
that most dreamed of one day owning. Wild flowers grew through the gaps of the
fence, the air was always clear, and the country side was void of any other
human made habitats. Each one of the little dogs was adopted by a human and
led, happy, luxurious lives and every pup had known love, all except one.

He had high hopes for himself and was thrilled when a man
came to adopt him; it was every dog’s wish after all. However, his fantasy
seemed to betray him. The ride to his new cage seemed endless as he watched the
man who bought him from the chrome cage door of his little kennel. Every sense
he was born with screamed that the man was evil and it could easily be noticed
by anyone who may have glanced at his cold expressions. The words he spoke were
crude and bitter, every time he opened his mouth, the puppy prepared to wince.
This was not the future he had dreamt off…

The black and white memories passed as the present now came
into view. Rusted cars of burnt orange and other undesired objects cast out by
their owners surrounded his small shed in the junk yard. He rose from the
little house and trudged through the mud that shined with a reflection of the
shaping moon above. When he turned a corner past an old year torn Ford,
shouting came into ears length. On edge, he tried to crawl back into the
shadows. The voice is one he knew well and was wise enough to try an avoid it
or conflict was inevitable. Of course, opposed to good intentions, the man who
had adopted him rounded the side of the car and spotted him. He started yelling
and pointing as the dog coward in the corner of some out lived possessions. The
man slowly moved in closer and with every step the words he spoke were more
hurtful and much louder. Distance between them collapsed in a matter of seconds
and when the despicable man finally took a step too far and kicked the dog,
hard, in the ribs with his steel toed boots, the dog let out a painful yelp.

Anger and hate filled the animal as the memories of four
years seemed to project through his mind like an old movie being played on a wide
screen. Then for the moment, he became savage. A low soul churning grown
escaped from his lips with such a fierce sound that the Devil himself would
cringe in fear. The ignorant man took the warning with outrage and then smacked
the dog across the muzzle, a very foolish mistake.

With rage, the dog suddenly leaped forward and landed on
the man’s chest forcing them both to collide back into the mud. Before the man
could even attempt to resist, the emotionally blinded animal sunk his fangs
into his enemy’s neck and with one final crunch, crushed the man’s windpipe. He
rose from his bloody kill and without even glancing back over his shoulder,
left the man in the mud. Walking is all he could think about doing now, and
where he traveled mattered little.

hours later, after striding across roads he wished to follow, the outline of a
town came into his vision. Walking down the dark alley was his first though and
when he realized how much taller the buildings were compared to him, a sense of
awe coursed through his mind. An unspecific sound caught his attention and he
went to investigate to find a man tossing some garbage into one of two metal
canisters sitting at the side of the building he had come from. The dog looked
up to see a sign that had odd numbers he didn’t understand but he was more
interested in the trash.

carefully maneuvered his way up to it and sniffed, trying to find a way to open
his way to a free meal ticket. All he found he could do was glare at it for the
time being and he tried to knock the can down but failed in the attempt. Just
after attempting to push the can over, he heard another odd sound and stepped
to the side, leaning to find the source. A boy with shaggy brown hair and eyes
that looked like broken ice was staring at him with a bag of food in his lap
and a plastic container next to him. The odd position the boy was arched over
to see was amusing to him and he inched forwards slightly to get a better
observation. He now noted his clothes were slightly took big for him and under
his hole filled hoodie was a black shirt that sagged to his thighs. Under the
shirt was a pair of old denim jeans that were held up by a black belt with
makeshift holes for a tighter fit. Protecting his feet were old grey sneakers
with black laces.

boy gave him a soft smile which instantly made the dog feel a bit at ease, the
child was not his enemy and to an even more inconceivable aspect of personal
experience, he held out a piece of his food and seemed to offer it. This was
the first time that a human had shown any kindness or showed any form of
compassion to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:35 pm

Run! Chapter 3

and cautiously did the muddy dog approach him and start to sniff out the salty
chip in the small child’s hand. They both showed great curiosity in each other
and had a difficult time trusting. The boy was afraid the dog would bite him
and the dog was afraid he would be hit. However, the boy courageously mustered
a bit of strength and slid of the conditioning unit. He squatted down just
enough to become eye level with the beast and continued to hold out the chip.
With a silent movement, the dog gasped the chip lightly with his teeth and
pulled it away, quickly devouring afterwards. The boy put his hand on the dog’s
head; careful not to frighten it, and spoke, “Good boy.” He smiled when the dog
licked his face and let out a joyful chuckle. Their new friendship did good for
the hearts and it seems they had already taken to each other.

night seemed to carry on for hours although they didn’t even notice the time
going by. Wagging his tail back and forth, the dog enjoyed his new friend while
the boy would laugh and play with his new companion. At one point they came
across a baseball field that they happened to walk by and they stepped in
together under the bright lights looming over the stadium. Soft cool dirt
padded the ground and felt good against their feet while the grass in the
distance was moist and thick while it had been collecting the morning dew. Worn
out bases of the game lined the diamond shaped formation of dirt in the center
and the batting area was lined with a tall chain link fence to protect the
bleachers behind it.

they entered the dugout where the boy found a ball with white leather and red
strings holding it in place. He rushed from the pit and then threw the ball as
far as his little arm would let him. A smile crossed his face when it landed
fairly close to a short fence lining the other side of the ball area. Whooping
with exhilaration, he jumped into the air and laughed. When he looked back up
the ball was gone but he saw his new furry friend next to him with the; now
saliva covered ball, in his mouth. A playful expression grazed the canine’s
face and was expressed by the wagging of his tail as well. The boy jumped at
him but the dog quickly evaded his movements with a step to the side followed
by a series of playful dashes in random directions. It made the boy giggle to
see how the dog played around.

quickly realized that the dog wasn’t about to return the ball so he decided it
would be best to try a new tactic. Squatting to one knee he whistled and patted
the ground in an attempt to gain the dog’s attention. Once the dog approached
him with a playful dance of enthusiasm, the boy held his hand out for the dog
to drop the ball in, which he did. A shiver went down his spine as he felt the
saliva squish between his palm and the fabric of the ball. “Yuck!” He exclaimed
and wiped the ball against his rugged shirt to get the slime off. “Did you
really have to slobber all over it?” He gave a mocked stern expression that
someone would usually give and then laughed. “Let’s try this again…” He stood
back up and pitched his throwing arm behind himself, then he lunged forwards
releasing his grip and let the ball fly slightly farther than before. “Fetch!”

The dog watched the ball as
it glided through the air and then quickly turned and pranced after it
frantically. As expected, the dog returned with the ball once again covered in
saliva and teased the boy with his new possession. He squatted on one knee and
held his hand out as he did before and smiled; “Now you give it back to me.”
The dog hesitated with a narrow of his eyes and then dropped the ball on the
ground. Inside of the boy’s head he though the dog would probably be saying,
“You can have the ball but you will be picking it up yourself.” The idea of
this made him laugh.

They continued to play fetch for a nice period of time,
enough to at least let them bond. Once they got their fill of the elementary
style game, the duo headed off back into town to muster up ‘trouble’. Through
the walk the boy would occasionally reach down to pet the German Shepherd. When
he went for a period of time without doing so, the dog would nudge him with his
fuzzy muzzle to obtain another scratch behind the ears. After an hour or so
went by, they two decided to take a break and rested on a curb where they sat
for several minutes.

Suddenly the sound of a truck engine emitted itself from
the distance. When the boy look he noticed it was fairly normal although the
back portion was a large metal box with square doors welded on the side. Then
he read ‘Animal Control’ on the side and his heart dropped. A silent swear
escaped his lips and he stood up with the dog. He started to wake away from the
truck hoping it wasn’t there for his friend but he heard the large machine stop
in the road just a few feet away and then the sound of a door opening and
shutting. Glancing over his shoulder he saw a large; slightly over-weight, man
with a scruffy beard and denim-jean uniform including a blue cap and black
boots. A long metal rod with a lasso like rope hanging from the end was in his
hand and the boy instantly knew why he was there.

“I’ve gotten calls about a boy and dog walking around
town. The police also found a body in the junk yard. He was attacked by a
canine.” The voice of the catcher was crude and not very understanding.

The death caught him off guard but none-the-less, the dog
was his friend, “Well…this is my dog, he has been with me all night.”

“I think you ain’t exactly tellin’ the truth.” He said
with a grunt. Taking a few steps closer made the dog growl and the boy was
obviously getting upset. He just made a new friend and the man before him was
here to take him away. Even for his young age, he knows it would mean death if
they thought the dog was a killer. In a frantic dispute to save his companion,
he lunged forward and kicked the man in the shin as hard as he could. When the man was wounded and grasping his
injured leg, the boy turned around and shouted, “Run!” Shoeing the dog was hard
for him, especially when he saw that the dog started to leave but continued to
stop in reluctance until the boy finally managed to make him leave.

It seemed like hours went by as he waited with the dog
catcher. The police were coming and he couldn’t leave, even though he was dying
to run away and find his friend. Constant thoughts floated through his head of
the companion he had made tonight. No one had ever been that close for him and
that was the first time he ever felt like he genuinely loved something. Passion
was coursing through his veins. He worried about the dog even though he was
most likely in a worse situation.

Eventually, the police showed up like a beacon with the
bright red and blue flashing lights on the top of their vehicle. He was forced
into the back seat and scolded thoroughly by the law enforcement officer.
Although he ignored them the whole time, his father punished him much worse
than anything these men in uniform could do. So, he just waited to step out of
the oven and into the frying pan. He watched the town fly by the window in
graceful dancing blurs of the night. Soon he lost track of everything just to
focus on the night time sky and the glowing moon above. When the car stopped,
he snapped back into attention and turned to look out the window across from
him. Now he saw his father standing in the doorway of their home, an angry and
stupid expression spread across his face. He knew he was about to get the worse
punishment he has ever gotten.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:36 pm

The Great Escape Chapter 4

The previous night was hard on the young boy. After the
police left him in the care of his ‘loving' he was berated and beat worse than
ever before and the punishment ended with a grounding that seemed like it
wouldn’t end until Hell itself froze over. However, his dreams acted as a
balance of good in the dark as they were filled with playful moments with his
new companion. Even when the boy woke he could hear the dog barking. Then the
sound continued which made him grow curious and eventually aware that it was an
actual sound instead of being a figment of his imagination. Sliding from his
bed he rushed to the window and looked out to see the German Shepherd once
again standing before him while playfully wagging his tail.

He was struck by awe that the canine had actually
returned to him and he began to wonder if it followed him. It seemed odd but no
matter, they were re-united and he was thankful. Careful not to awaken his
parents, he slid the latch on the window pane to unlock it and then pushed it
open. Gingerly slipping through the frame he landed safely on the grass and
bushes below to meet the greeting tongue of his companion. A chuckle was his
own response and a hug was his counter greeting. The fur brushed against his
face and even though the dog was covered in dry mud, he was still as soft as
silk. Unfortunately, he noticed the smell which was not of silk but more like
the dog had been rummaging around in pure unfiltered sewage. His nose cringed
at the smell and he grasped his nose in order to protect it from the stench.
“Wow! You seriously need a bath!”

His heart sank a bit when he realized he needed to cut
the visit short. Both of his parents were asleep inside and would be waking up
soon in order to head off for work. Quickly he tried to shoo away the dog and
like before he was reluctant to leave. When the dog was finally gone he climbed
back up to his room and pretended to sleep. For the most part he was worried
that the dog wouldn’t come back. Although another thought had crossed his mind
that his father would come in and yell at him again. He was mostly worried
about the dog and for the next few hours had focused on only that. It was a
great escape from time.

Finally, the sound of the front door to the house closing
sounded through his ears and he jumped from his place on the bed. Looking out
the window from a safe distance, he watched his father leave and a few minutes
later did his mother do the same. Now was his time to be with the dog so he
grabbed some more natural clothing such as the night before and headed out the
front door. To his surprise, he noticed the dog sitting at a corner a few
houses down watching him. A smile jumped onto his face as he was filled with
the same compassion as before. It felt good to have someone always waiting for
him. The two of them soon came together and greeted with the usual scratching
behind the ears and a few playful barks. Their friendship ran like fluid down a
stream as they walked down the street.

They spent most of that evening walking around the neighborhood
which made the boy thankful that it was a Saturday. Once it would have been a
day for him to regret, he hated school but he hated his home even more. Now
that he actually had a reason to stay at home, he was glad. Later it dawned on
him that the dog should have a bath. The stench was getting annoying and he
felt bad that he was covered in mud. He wanted to see what the dog looked like
clean as well, he imagined that he had the most brilliant color of fur with
wonderfully soft fur. The fact that the fur was soft to begin with made him
think that it would be like petting a cloud once all the mud was gone. So they
quickly scampered off to his house.

His parents wouldn’t be home for several more hours and
he had plenty of time. It was only noon and they most likely wouldn’t be back
until sometime after ten at night. He unlocked the door with haste and had a
bit of trouble leading him through the threshold of the door but eventually
managed to push him inside. Careful not to let the dog roam carelessly around
the house, he took him into the bathroom and started to run the water after
closing the door. The dog was very observant of the boy’s movements and was
extremely curious as to what he was doing. Through the eyes of an animal, it
was odd to pour water into such a large bowl. Once the tub was filled the boy
now had to somehow get the large dog into it. This was a great challenge for
him but after several minutes of attempts, he finally got the large mammal into
the tub.

The wet dog made him laugh a bit because all his long
hair was now matted. First he tried to rub the water into his fur which
loosened the mud and dirt. After that he got a bottle of shampoo from a cabinet
and squeezed some of the contents onto the dog’s back. He spent several minutes rubbing it in with
little help from the dog that was calmer than most dogs at this point but still
very reluctant to be in a bathtub. Once the dog was good and clean, the boy
helped him out and started to dry him off. He shook ferociously to get the water
off and afterwards looked like a giant fur ball that once again made the boy
laugh. Once the dog was good and dry he let out a nice smile and scratched the
dog’s back. His new clean fur was softer than a rabbit’s which made him think
of brushing his hand through a cloud as he had thought beforehand.

The rest of the day seemed to be fairly normal. They were
going to go out for a walk but the boy remembered the events of the other day
and figured it would be a bad idea for them to go out again so soon. No doubt
that Animal Control was still out looking for the dog that supposedly killed a
man. So instead they stayed in the backyard and played fetch again. The sun was
about to set and they were still playing when the boy overhead the sound of his
Dad’s truck. His heart nearly stopped beating and before he could get the dog
out, the grungy man came around the fence and saw them.

A large fight broke out and there was a lot of yelling.
The dog sat by and his only observation was that the man yelling was the enemy.
The fight ended when the Dad said something that hurt the child’s feelings and
as he did before; ran, and the dog ran with him. They went as far as they
could, or at least until the belligerent voice of his dad could no longer be
heard. Even when they thought they were safe, they kept going. This time the
boy had no intention of returning home…

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PostSubject: Re: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:37 pm

on the Land Chapter 5

The night air was cooled against the boy’s skin and his
only warmth was that of his companion lying next to him. They were both panting
from fatigue but were resilient thus carried on anyways. The town had now
passed by them and the two were now hiding downtown between two tall apartment
buildings that made the alley they had set up as a temporary home. Cardboard
boxes they found in a dumpster were used to make a makeshift house that was big
enough for both of them. They held it up with various other objects they found
and were lucky enough to get some plastic wrap that was used to insulate the boxes
as well as protect it from rain. It wasn’t perfect but it would work for the
time being. Eventually the boy had to sleep and so he did. The dog however
stayed up and protected him from whatever might come from the night.

next morning the boy awoke with the dog still next to him. He yawned and
stretched his arms before getting up on his feet and looking around. Sleeping
was uncomfortable but luckily he was able to use the dog’s belly as a pillow of
sorts. The dreams he had were acceptable and for once he seemed to enjoy the
morning light. While thinking of what they should do, he started scratching
behind the dog’s ears which made them both equally happy. It seemed to take him
hours before an idea finally arrived but at last the thought did cross his mind.
Perhaps they could go scavenge for food. It wasn’t the most enjoyable activity
they could take part in but it was still something.

they tried a Steak House that was close to their shelter and waited for food
that was thrown out. They waited a while but finally someone came out that had
noticed them. Conversation broke out between the three and the man from the
restaurant decided to sneak them some food, saying that he had some
difficulties as a kid too so he understood the trouble he was in. He went back
inside for a few minutes and later came out with a loaf of bread he was able to
sneak out. The boy thanked him before leaving and they exchanged nodding
glances before the meeting ended.

split the bread once back in their ally and started to nibble on it. He
disliked how crusty the surface was but ignored it. It didn’t taste perfect but
it was all he had so he eventually learned to ignore the flavor and texture of
the loaf. Once they finished he felt that it wasn’t enough for him so the dog would
most likely be even hungrier. He thought for the longest time but with no luck
in thinking of anything. This annoyed him and then he realized his parents
would either be working or out looking for him. It would be perfect to return
and steal some consumables from his home. No one would suspect it.

as planned, they snuck back through the neighborhoods careful to avoid any
police vehicles and his Dad’s truck. Once they had come across the home, the
vehicles weren’t in the driveway so it was safe for the time being. He snuck
back in through his window that he left open the previous day and continued on
through the hall linking his room to the kitchen. This is where he began to
raid, starting with the pantry and ending with the fridge. Once he had the
sufficient supplies, he gathered them all up in a plastic bag that they had
kept every time they went to a grocery store. He decided it would be a good
idea to get some blankets, pillows, matches, and a few other little items that
would aid in their venture. With everything they needed, they left the home and
headed back through the streets to their destination down town. The sun was
still high in the sky so he was careful to lead them where they would less
likely be spotted.

felt relieved when they finally returned to their little camp ground. A few
hours had passed since they returned and he managed to add the items to his
little camp. The cardboard house was lined with blankets and pillows. The bags
of food were safely tucked into a corner and he had pulled a metallic trashcan
from a store that was a few blocks away, so no one would come there to look for
it. He threw pieces of wood and other flammable objects at the base of the
large can. After that he lit the wood and kept close for the warmth. When he
was hungry he pulled something out and cooked it if needed. It was decent
living for him now. Comfortable place to stay that had a warm fire, and plenty
of food for the time being.

several of hours the sun had set and the boy was asleep, the dog lying next to
him as before. The night was fairly silent except for the occasional car
driving by or people talking in the buildings around them. Since there was little
to do the dog decided to go out on his own quest. Seeing as the boy had made
such a large attempt to get food earlier, he figured it would be good to gather
more. With this goal in mind he silently crept away from their little cardboard
cabin and searched for food.

took him quite a bit of time to scavenge for any food but he eventually found a
sack of food that had been thrown out and clasped it with his jaw. While
walking back to the place his young companion was sleeping he noticed a police
car parked near it. First it seemed irrelevant but as he got closer he noticed
the men in uniform were trying to force the boy into the car. The dog instantly
dropped the food he gathered and sprang into action. His snarl sent chills up
the spines of the intruding men when he got closer. Before they could even turn
around he was already upon them and with a mad growl chomped down on one of
their legs. He finally had someone to care for and that someone repaid him with
kindness like no other, he would not let it slip away from him. But his
attempts were in vain. The people pushed the boy in the car and got in before
the dog could make another attack. All he could do was stand in the road and
watch the boy in the back window watching with sorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: Good Boy Rough Draft   Good Boy Rough Draft I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 4:37 pm

Boy Chapter 6

Once again the boy was
sitting in the back seat of a police vehicle completely lost in the thoughts
that flowed through his mind. The officers were silent and he was sure that his
father would be furious this time, more so than the other night when he was
brought home by the law. It frightened him but he felt he was now strong enough
to stand up to the man who had loomed over him as the vessel of evil in his
eyes. He couldn’t explain it well but it felt as if he had become stronger
after meeting with the German Shepherd. He was thankful for it and took it as a
sign that he could be strong enough to take stand for once.

When the hours seemed to go by he
eventually noted that his house was now in view. As reluctant as he was to
return and confront his father, it had to be done. He had to at least try
downing the atrocities that had tormented him since birth. So, when he stepped
out of the vehicle and greeted his father with the false illusion of love that
they so often did and when the police left, the unstable wall between them
combusted and the argument began. It seemed like hours and he stood his ground
as he had intended on doing but the other man seemed to grow even more furious
as the engagement carried on. It lasted for hours before the boy ended the
fight by walking away and flat out ignoring the man. At one point he had to run
for the man chased him to his room where the boy locked himself in for safety.

His father yelled and beat on his door
after he locked himself in. Once the ignorance ended he simply moved on to the
mother and started to yell and beat her instead. The boy waited for a few hours
for the yelling to die down and even then didn’t dare go to sleep yet. It
didn’t seem like a good idea to let his guard down yet so he stayed up and
continued to wait in silence of his dim lit room. He contemplated the events to
come and imagined several outcomes in his head. One of which included his
mother stepping in to stop the violence while the other one was of himself
grabbing the bolt action his father hid behind the closet door of the hallway.
A line crossed his mind that made himself think like a sociopath but he tried
to pass it away. He wanted his father gone but he didn’t want to cross any
moral lines for he would then be worse than his father.

Once he finally had exhausted his
reserves of sleep, he fell asleep. Everything was quite inside the realm of his
slumber and once more he dreamed of his companion the German Shepherd. The
image kept him calm even when he awoke the next morning. Then he heard the
barking of his dog and at first he presumed it was a hallucination as before.
When the barking continued he quickly realized that he was once again hearing
the sound of his friend and became horrified that his parents may have already
heard it.

Rushing from his room as quickly as
possible he ran down the hallway and caught a glimpse of the closet door that
was open and the rifle missing. His heart almost exploded hat his guess of what
was going on and when he saw that the front door was too open, his fears were
confirmed. His father was standing on the porch yelling at the dog; the gun in
one and a beer in the other. Reasoning was the boy’s best choice in this
decision so he tried to make his dad put the gun away and leave the dog but it
wasn’t working.

He then noticed that several of the
neighbors came outside for a few seconds and then went back inside when they
realized the significance of the situation. They continued to peek through
their windows but otherwise would not leave their homes. Realizing they
probably called the cops he was a bit calmer yet still horrified what outcome
could rise from this. Hoping to wait was his only idea and when he didn’t see
any police cars coming for a few minutes he began to worry.

Then his father aimed the gun at the dog
and with a hasty decision the boy grabbed the gun and tried to push it away but
was only knocked down by the man of superior size. Before he could react again,
the dog jumped at the man and bit down on his leg. His father leg out a cry in
a flurry of moments a gunshot was heard. The boy missed the sight but when he
looked he noticed the police had finally arrived but to his horror he saw the
German Shepherd whimpering before him, a bleeding wound in his chest.

He embraced the dog with tears as the
police brought the man down and handcuffed him. After that everything seemed to
fade from existence except for him and the dog. Everything he dreamed about had
only come into reality when this dog entered his life. Glistening tears escaped
his eyes when he tried to hold back his emotion and he smiled when the dog
licked his cheek. “Good boy…” He said as he held the dog in his arms. Slowly
the dog’s eyes closed and he stopped breathing. The boy wept into his soft fur
and mourned for his loss. The dog was gone now, but left him the gift that no
one else could have given him; a brighter future.

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The rating I'd give for this short story.....is....OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!!!!!!!Good Boy Rough Draft Rage-mega-rage
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Good Boy Rough Draft
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