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 Nanta Horseman

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Name: Nanta Horseman

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Appearance: The young man stands about six feet and has a basic build with enough muscle to get his job done. His hair color is dark red with a brown tinge which is odd in the lands of Valera but no one seems to bother him for it. His eyes are violet color that seems to give his character a sense of valor. Around his torso he usually wears a common tunic which he has had since he was young although he managed to trade up for a article of clothing that was a bit more upper classed. He always wears leather boots as well as leather vambraces which he trades for steel in the time of battle.

History: At the age of fourteen he left from his village as a man and ventured to the capital of the center lands within Valera. There he joined the Imperial Military where he was sent to a smaller village several miles away. His job there was to tend the horses and make sure they were safe and well fed. After he became twenty the Stable Master died which allowed him to rank up to that position in his place. He made good work with the horses and two years later was drafted to a higher position. From time to time he would set off with a group of warriors to battle oncoming opponents but mostly demons that had appeared in the South for an unknown reason.
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Nanta Horseman
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