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 Kenton Devileyes

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PostSubject: Kenton Devileyes   Kenton Devileyes I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 12:34 am

Name:Kenton Devileyes.

Age:20 Years old.


Appearence:He has shaggy brown hair, a white streak on his bangs. His hair cut looks as if he had tied his hair back at one time and cut the pony-tail off, leaving the ends of his hair jagged and shaggy as it is now. His facial structure is long with a medium roundness curving around a boney chin. On his chin, a short brown beard stretched to the mid-section of his neck. Down the center of his beard, a white streak peircing the brown patch of hair. His facial features look worn with stress. His features would show that of a truly hardened man. His body structure is slim with a slight slimmer of strength. He tends to wear a long sleeve white cotten shirt and a worn brown vest over it. His pants usually would be a pair of matted brown pants and a pair of brown boots.

Personality:Due to the life he has lived, he has become cold to the world. He doesn't believe in love or happiness. Only that both are lies to make people feel better about their horrible everyday miserable lives. He believes that once you have truly looked death in the face, nothing else really compares.

Eye Color:His eyes are as if his pupil and his cornia has switched places. His pupil is pure white and his cornia is black, leaving his eyes to seem almost as if they were swirling in an endless motion.

History:Before he was born, his father had become ill. For fear that the boy would grow up without a father, his mother made a pact with a very dark, powerful spirit. The spirit only asked for one thing. The spirit wanted the soul of the unborn child. The future family refused and even went as far as to insult the spirit for even suggesting it. The spirit, not only did not cure the father but also cursed the very soul of the unborn child to see the face of all the recently departed until the day he no longer breaths. When the child was born, he was born asleep, waking up a few seconds sooner with a full head of hair. The mother died giving birth and the father was barely alive enough to care for the child. The boy was then sent to a orphanage to be raised. Soon the father died and there was no longer a parents for the boy to ever know.

When he turned four, he realized he could see the spirits of not only the recently dead, but also all the spirits that had ever passed in the area. Everyone just assumed the small child had a case of the fits, seeing that the boy would die soon, they sent him out on his own to survive on his own when he became of the age of seven. At first, he was just scared of all the faces and bodies, roaming around him, curious of his knowledge of him. Their mangled faces frightened him so he learned to hide in huts he built out of logs. He hunted with make-shift wood weapons. He always tried to keep his eyes low but after a while, the images didn't frighten him. Every now and then, he would come across a soul that was exceptionally horrid but they were few and far apart. This was the way he lived, roaming into town any time he needed new clothes or more food. After years of roaming, he finally decided to travel. There was too much death in that area for his taste and he wanted a change. So he traveled, walking every where he went.
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Kenton Devileyes
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