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 Characters Template for Valera

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[List of Races Below]

Spirit; these creatures were made by the goddess Luna. They are mystic beings with a high intelligence and ofter appear as a shifty figure resembling a specific animal. When their soul is bonded with a human, elf, or dwarf, they become tethered to the world and instead of being a floating spectrum, the become a magnificent beast. And example would be the Spirit named Sora. She is about five feet tall when standing on all fours and has black fur on top and silver fur running under his muzzle and belly.

Dragons; the large reptilian creatures usually live in the mountains of various regions around the map but mostly in the tall line stretching around the 3rd region. They breath aura from their throat and mostly live in caves that were well designed by heating and clawing at the walls. When dragons sleep, they usually burn the ground below them and then lay in the embers.

Elves; these tall angelic figures have pointed ears and prefer the live lived within the boundaries within region 1. Their skin is fairly pale as their is also very bright and light shaded. White, blond, light brown, etc. Another interesting fact is that they embrace the WereChildren with open arms.

Dwarves; the fair haired people of the 3rd region like to mine and fish. They have an odd relationship with the dragons and have a connected society of tunnels linking together. Dragons often help the Dwarves mine for minerals as they have no use for the metals and other pieces of stone that are valuable to others.

Humans; they were created sometime ago and are fairly mutual although fear much that they don't understand. Years of separation from the other races has made them non tollorant of other species. Mostly casting out the WereChildren from their villages and cities.

WereChildren; without being entirely human and only being partially animal, they become a beast every night and are often feared by other races except for Dragons, Spirits, and Elves. They are born with a soul that is half human and half animal thus why they transform. Every one of them has a powerful aura that can be used to vanquish almost any enemy. Thus why they are feared by all Mages that dare challenge them in combat. The best way to recognize one of these creatures is to see their animialstic teeth which are the only parts that don't appear human during the day. Most of them were cast from the world and either went to live in the Desert; region 7, or were lucky enough to wonder into the Elves territory where they are accepted.

Demons; foul and evil, the demons come from Hell which was once called Sulfura and belonged to the Dragons before the dark god stole it from them and cast them out. Now they mostly roam the world every few hundred years when the doors to Hell mysteriously appear on the surface and then open.
Link -Map of the regions

BirthPlace: (From what region?)

Class: Warrior, Mage, Archer, or other.

Eye Color: (This is also the color of your aura if you have one.)

[Aura Info]

Aura is an essence which is radiated from the soul as a colored flame that matches the color of someones eyes. Any color can be but it is rare to have certain colors, Gold, White, Black, Pink, and Red. Common colors include, orange, blue, purple, green, gray, yellow, etc.

Appearance: (Chain mail, tunic, armor? Hair style/color? Height? Body wight/build?)

History: (Nothing too over the top)

Weapon of Choice: (Sword, Sword + Shield, mace, morning star, flail, axe, other?)
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Characters Template for Valera
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