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 Yeah...You should like this

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Yeah...You should like this Empty
PostSubject: Yeah...You should like this   Yeah...You should like this I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2012 12:20 am

So a man walks into a bar and gets a few drinks in his system. He goes to the bathroom to relieve himself when he notices the man next to him has a essentially large 'member'. The man was quite short and wearing all green. The first man has never been gay but never had he ever seen such a large manhood. He smiled and asked "Sir I am sorry for asking but how is it that you come by such a large penis?" The man shrugged and said "You see laddy I am a Lepricon and this here is a magical Penis. " The first man squinted and then said "Well would I get one then?" The lepricon laughed and said "You must let me take you in that stall from behind there. " The man thought about it and figured he had nothing to lose so after the deed was finished, the man was surprised to see nothing had changed. He asked "What happened? It is the same size as before. " The shorter man said "How old are you?" The first male said "35" The shorter man responded with "You still believe in Lepricons?"
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Yeah...You should like this
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