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 Shade shaj shakad shadowka

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PostSubject: Shade shaj shakad shadowka   Shade shaj shakad shadowka I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 2:12 am

name: Shade shaj shakad shadowka ((shade for short ))
age: unknown
race: draconic male((still male))

powers: he can wear a human skin to hide his appearance ,he can control shadows as well as fly and he is extremely strong,
appearance : he is a 7 foot tall draconic looking creature he usually wears leather clothes or dark grey armor., he has red eyes and a large snout that has the shape of a dragon's head , he also has a large tail that has a furred strip on it ,that go's from his head to the tip of his tail, he has large point black scales and razor-sharp teeth .Further he seems like your average horror movie monster

characteristics: he is a little grumpy and hides behind a giant ego but his friends know him as a pretty nice fellow to hang out with, he is very protective but doesn't like to show how he feels, he would most likely bite someone's head of if they ask him, no one dared before.
the things he dislikes are light area's warmth hyperactive people and car's
the tings he likes are cold area's alcohol destruction and silence.
his history: nobody knows where he comes from , although some think he is an ordinary dragon whit a giant ego.
he spend most of his time travelling around the world as he loved to scare people. although he helped out allot of people in the past
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Shade shaj shakad shadowka
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