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 Rules of Leveling

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PostSubject: Rules of Leveling   Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:04 am

Everyone starts off at Lvl 0.

In order to move up to Lvl 1 you must earn 100 Experience.

To gain this experience you must kill creatures and you take the health you took yourself and add it to your experience bar. Here is an example below.

Nokka finds himself coming across a goblin so he takes his iron sword and takes a swing.

Nokka is first introduced.

// 100% Health

Then the Goblin.

// 50% Health
// Basic Attack (1-30 dice)

(Dice roll is 7) you add ten to this for the addition of Nokka's Iron Sword.

Nokka managed to clip the goblin and bring his health down to 33%. He grunted as the goblin charged at him attempting to return the blow.

(Dice roll is 16) You subtract this from your characters health.

The goblin managed to pick up a rock and smack Nokka with it, not fully injuring him but taking his health down to 84%. Now it is Nokka's turn once more and with great fury he lifts his blade and cuts at the grotesque creature with a fierce battle cry.

(Dice roll is 20) +10

Nokka makes a bold move but just in the brush of battle managed to seriously injure the goblin and bring it's health down to 3%. Since the creature's health is below 5% it is now un-able to continue the battle and the victor is Nokka who can now kill the Goblin with a finale blow. He brings his foot down on the goblins neck and shatters the spine. A smirk crosses his lips as he watches the life die in its eyes.

Now Nokka gained 50% experience for that battle so now he is halfway to lvl 1. The battle was a success.
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Rules of Leveling
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