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 Tovarel's Training

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PostSubject: Tovarel's Training   Tovarel's Training I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 3:13 am

The dragon skinned boy sat on a low peak part of various mountains in the region. His shirt taken off and the set of sea green scales covering certain lengths of his body: both forearms, covering his knuckles and hands and softens as it covers his palm, sections along the back between the three rows of spikes pretending from his skin, more soft patchs along his frontside, and a few rising on his cheeks. Another oddity would be a few horns coming out of his head mimicking the horns of a fully fledge dragon as well as making him appear young to the eyes of all dragons; do to their short length. He also has a unique tail about an inch shorter than the length of his tail. The only clothing he currently wears are a pair of long scorched leather pants that had been treated to withstand any heat; which proved their effectiveness by him sitting on molten rock with is burning hot with glowin red embers.
Before him sits a large blue scales dragon with many scars and an all knowing expression, his best feature being his long horns. His name is Skíervonear. The night around them both is a dark red with a smokey hue fading the scenery of the earth. Lightening flashed in the background making their scales gleam in return. The dragon arched over and le a puff of smoke roll out, "So...child...you seem to have changed a great deal since you were blessed."
Tovarel sighed and looked away, "Yes master...fairly soon I should sprout wings and fly away..." He chuckled to himself, trying to make a joke of it.
"You may very well sprout wings...flying in the Völvú is a great honor you know...no creature beside us Dotá and feathered flying vermin have the gift of flight." Replied Skíervonear.
The boy glanced back to his mentor with an expression of wonder, "Woah...seriously? I can fly?" The dragon nodded, making Tovarel smile and show his brilliant white dragon fangs.
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Tovarel's Training
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