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 Talera: The Book of Heros

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The Book of Heros
Chapter 1: The Beginning

[/center]Deep in the heart of the Elves home country was a flowing valley of amber grass which gave the province it's title, The Gold Sea. Not many settlements were present in this valley as sacred tradition indicates that Sky Dragons claim that section of land, even though they were only seen on rare occasions, most considered them a myth. But this story is not about the Sky Dragons, nor is it about The Gold Sea. It is merely about a boy who is not yet even introduced. However, the story does start with one Elf who walks a narrow path threw the hills and fields of The Gold Sea. His eyes are emerald and his hair is cut just above his shoulders with a decent white sheen to his bright grey hair. A smirk sets upon his face and pointed ears poke out on the sides. His chin is rather narrow as is the rest of his body yet has an odd muscular tone to his overall phsyque. The garments he wears are rather odd for an elf for he wears furs and shifty leather. Most of which came from the giant Whilther Wolves of the TallWood forest in Talera.

On his back is a sturdy hunting bow hung from a quiver full of well crafted arrows and at his side sits a long silver blade, long enough to be a two handed blade but light enough to be held by only one. On the opposite side of his hips rests a satchel which contains a leather bound journal with odd engravings on both sides. Upon inspection the carvings would almost seem divine or of an ancient origin.

With a yawn he stretched his aching limbs and took a seat under a single tree lost within the meadows of The Gold Sea. "Such a day to be traveling..." He smiled at the sun which was setting over the horizon. The warm winds brushing against his skin made him sweat. However, he did not remove the fur and leather from his person for the night to come would be almost as cold as the Talerian Winters to the South East.
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Talera: The Book of Heros
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